Magnetic Pegboard Build

The garage had a pegboard when I moved in, but I wanted something more awesome/convenient to go with the new workbench.

It so happens that I love magnets. So, here’s the result of becoming about $80 poorer at This is 10 x 5/8″, 10 x 3/4″ and 8 x 1″ mounting magnets, plus two magnets extracted from old hard drives (some of this I had left from earlier projects.)

I just mounted all the magnets with screws to the pegboard and that was it. I did have trouble with the 5/8″ magnets, which couldn’t fit my 1″ drywall screws, so I had to dig through my random-screws bin to find suitable substitutions. Overall, real easy.

It’s not clear as yet whether this is useful, but it’s awesome, and very satisfying to use. It holds about 2/3 of the tools I could plausibly hang.

Build time: 1 hour
Beers consumed: 0

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