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Time-delayed hello.

I was walking my dog Dante and passed by a yard where another dog was tied up. The second dog barked at us. I couldn’t approach to say hello, since I knew neither the owners nor the dog.

This agitated Dante. He rushed to and fro for a few moments, then went straight for the nearest tree and marked it.

I wonder what was going through his tiny furry brain.

Perhaps he was asserting dominance by marking territory in reaction to being barked at.

But I’d like to think he was saying hello in the best way he could. “When you’re no longer tied up, you can get to know me over here.”

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Magnetic Pegboard Build

The garage had a pegboard when I moved in, but I wanted something more awesome/convenient to go with the new workbench.

It so happens that I love magnets. So, here’s the result of becoming about $80 poorer at This is 10 x 5/8″, 10 x 3/4″ and 8 x 1″ mounting magnets, plus two magnets extracted from old hard drives (some of this I had left from earlier projects.)

I just mounted all the magnets with screws to the pegboard and that was it. I did have trouble with the 5/8″ magnets, which couldn’t fit my 1″ drywall screws, so I had to dig through my random-screws bin to find suitable substitutions. Overall, real easy.

It’s not clear as yet whether this is useful, but it’s awesome, and very satisfying to use. It holds about 2/3 of the tools I could plausibly hang.

Build time: 1 hour
Beers consumed: 0

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Kill what you eat

Killing out of anger, impractical.

Killing for a purpose, rare.

What to do? Well, almost everything you eat is dead. Next time you’re scarfing down a steak, think about the cow whose death you indirectly caused, and try to be satisfied with that. Reasonable, practical, legal.

And if you must kill someone, at least eat them.

I only kill what I eat

(also at spreadshirt and printfection)

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